Data Discovery and Insights

Your business generates an overwhelming amount of data on a daily basis.  The challenge for even the most sophisticated companies is how to use that data to create meaningful competitive advantage.

Our experts analyze the value of your data, and help you consider how layering in additional data sources such as social media that could make it significantly more useful.  Our sensible, low-risk approach identifies the best ways to leverage insights to solve specific business challenges.  We focus on using data to answer valuable questions.

Information Strategy

Business changes constantly and you have to respond to it quickly to ensure staying ahead of the opportunity curve.  The central question with any data based strategy is how to define the right data, then structure, manage, and share that data to help your employees make better, faster business decisions.  

At Better Existence Advisory Group, we know firsthand that every business must have a clear strategy for classifying, storing, and disseminating information.  Data resources must be aligned to drive value for the business.  By focusing on value creation - supported by the vital building blocks of effective design, technology selections and governance - we help you leverage data in powerful new ways to achieve business objectives.

Design, Development and Implementation

We consider your increase in ROI in every engagement, so you can begin using your data right away to drive revenue and manage expense.  We create a greater business value for you by giving unbiased advice on how to produce better and faster insights from your data.  Ensuring help to keep those insights in front of your teams at all times, our expert affiliate companies can design custom tailored anytime-anywhere access to visually rich dashboards and report formats that let you see and act on patterns immediately.